Established Accounts

This assumes that you already have a key or an implicit account that can sign transactions.

Create your transparent account

Generate an implicit account:

namadaw address gen --alias [your-implicit-account-alias]

Then, create an established account on-chain using the implicit account you've just generated:

namadac init-account \
    --source [your-implicit-account-alias] \
    --public-key [your-implicit-account-alias] \
    --alias [your-established-account-alias]

Get tokens from the testnet faucet (optional)

Testnet Faucet Tokens

The testnet tokens which the faucet can provide you have the aliases NAM, BTC, ETH, DOT, Schnitzel, Apfel, and Kartoffel. The faucet will transfer these in increments of 1000 maximum at a time.

namadac transfer \
    --token btc \
    --amount 1000 \
    --source faucet \
    --target [your-established-account-alias] \
    --signer [your-implicit-account-alias]

Now that you have a transparent account with some tokens, you can generate a Spending Key to hold your shielded balances.