Shielding Assets

You can shield assets in the MASP by making a transfer from a transparent address to a shielded address. This is known as a shielding transfer.

Assets can also be sent directly to a shielded address through IBC -- see the section on Shielded IBC for details.

Making a shielding transfer

To conduct a shielding transfer, the user must first be in possession of a transparent account with some token balance.

Generate a spending key

See Shielded Key Management for details on how to do this.

Derive a new shielded address (aka: payment address)

You can (and should) derive multiple shielded addresses for the same spending key.

(If needed) submit reveal-pk transaction for sending address

You can shield from either an implicit or established account. If shielding from an implicit account, your account's public key must first be revealed on-chain. This only needs to be done once per account:

namadac reveal-pk --public-key $IMPLICIT_ACCOUNT_ALIAS

Send your shielding transfer

Use the shield command to make a shielding transfer from a source transparent (tnam) address to a target shielded (znam) address:

namadac shield \
  --target $PAYMENT_ADDRESS \
  --token $TOKEN \
  --amount $AMOUNT

Viewing your balance

To view the up-to-date balance of your spending key (or viewing key), you must first run the shielded-sync command to sync the local shielded context with any MASP notes owned by your spending/viewing key:

namadac shielded-sync --spending-keys $SPENDING_KEY


namadac shielded-sync --viewing-keys $VIEWING_KEY

The first time you wish to check the balance of a spending/viewing key, you must provide it to the shielded context with --spending-keys|--viewing-keys. On subsequent runs, you can simply use namadac shielded-sync.

After the sync has completed, check your balance with:

namadac balance --owner $SPENDING_KEY --token $TOKEN

(A viewing key can also be provided here instead of $SPENDING_KEY)

This will display the combined balance of all shielded addresses associated with that spending/viewing key.