Implicit accounts

An implicit account is the simplest account type. It is derived from a keypair and can be used to authorize certain transactions such as sending and staking tokens, or paying fees. Implicit accounts have no code attached to them, and can only have one key controlling it.

Generating an implicit account

You can generate a new implicit account using the CLI. The new keypair will be added to your wallet.toml under the alias you provide.

The 'alias' of an account simply provides a convenient way of referring to addresses stored in your wallet.toml file by name. It is not intrinsic to the account.

namada wallet gen --alias <choose an alias>

You will be prompted to provide a password, as the keys are stored to disk encrypted. Carefully remember this password; you will need it to sign transactions with your key. The encryption password is not a part of key generation randomness.

After generating the new key, a twenty-four word mnemonic will be displayed, which can be used to recover your account. Write this down immediately and store it safely offline, as it will not be displayed again.


WARNING: Keep your mnemonic code and passphrase safe. Loss of either can result in you being locked out of your accounts with no chance of recovering your funds.

Derivation path

Namada wallet supports keypair generation using a mnemonic code (opens in a new tab) and HD derivation path (opens in a new tab).

The default HD path for Namada is m/44'/877'/0'/0'/0'.

Optionally, the user may specify an additional passphrase that is used as a part of keypair generation randomness.