Send and Receive Nam Tokens

Send and Receive NAM tokens

In Namada, tokens are implemented as accounts with the Token Validity Predicate (opens in a new tab). The validity predicate (VP) checks, in particular, that the total supply (of the token) is preserved in any transaction that uses this token. Your wallet will be pre-loaded with some token addresses that are initialized in the genesis block.

Sending tokens

You can send tokens to/from either an implicit or established account.

This section will cover transfers from one tnam... address to another (tranparent transfers). Transfers to/from a znam... address (that is, to/from the MASP) are covered in more detail in the section on shielded transfers.

For help creating a new account, see the sections on Generating an implicit account or Using the file system wallet.

To send a transparent transfer -- that is, a transfer from one transparent address to another -- we use the transparent-transfer command. Transparent transfers are so named because all associated info (including sender, receiver, asset and amount) is publicly visible on-chain.

namada client transparent-transfer \
  --source $SOURCE \
  --target $TARGET \
  --token $TOKEN \
  --amount 10

This command will attempt to find and use the key of the source address to sign the transaction.

See your balance

To query token balances for a specific token and/or owner:

namada client balance --token $TOKEN --owner $ACCOUNT

For any client command that submits a transaction (init-account, transfer, tx, update and PoS transactions), you can use the --dry-run-wrapper flag to simulate the transaction being applied in the block and see what would be the result.