Web Wallet

Namada Extension

You can use the Namada Extension (opens in a new tab) to manage your keys within your browser. By connecting the extension with web apps built for Namada, you can send or recieve tokens, make IBC transfers, or perform other actions such as voting on governance proposals.


The extension is currently available on the Chrome web store (opens in a new tab), with Firefox support coming soon.


After adding the extension to Chrome, follow these steps to create a new wallet:

Click 'Launch Initial Set-up'

Add or create keys

You can choose 'Import existing keys' to import an existing wallet from your twelve word mnemonic. You can also use a Ledger hardware wallet -- see here for further instructions.

Click 'Create new keys' and verify that you have read and understood the message to proceed.

Safely store your mnemonic

You will be shown your recovery mnemonic and asked to confirm that you have written it down.

Write your mnemonic down and store it safely offline.

It will allow you to recover your account. Without it, you risk losing access to your funds forever.

Create and safely store your password

You will also be asked to create a password for the extension. Write down this password -- you will need to enter it regularly when using the extension.

If you lose your password, you will lose access to the extension.

Remember: there's no 'recover password with email' option!


Your wallet is ready to use.

Using the Extension

The extension itself only provides key management functionality. To send or receive tokens, you will need to navigate to a compatible web app (such as namada-interface (opens in a new tab)) and connect the extension to the site.

Here's how to use the extension with Namada-Interface:

Set the network in the extension

Open the extension and click the 'gear' icon in the top right, then select 'Network'.

Enter a valid chain-id and rpc url for the chain you wish to transact on, and click 'Submit'.

Navigate to the Namada-interface site

The Namada-interface for the Campfire testnet is hosted at https://interface.luminara.icu (opens in a new tab). After mainnet has launched, a list of hosted Interfaces will be found here.

Connect the extension

Click 'Connect to Namada Extension' and approve when prompted. You should see your wallet balance displayed on the page.


Once connected, you can use the Interface to make transfers or stake with a validator (Note: some functionality may be missing on testnet). Whenever you submit a transaction to the chain, you will be prompted to enter your password to allow the extension to sign using your private key.


If you wish to disconnect (remove permissions) from a site, you can do so in the Settings menu of the extension, under 'Connected Sites'.