Install from source


Please note that, although installing from source is the recommended route for installing namada, it can prove to be difficult, and is not recommended for beginners. For a first time installation, the installation process can take up to an hour. Building binaries from source can also take a long time, depending on the machine.


Ensure the correct pre-requisites have been downloaded and installed.

Installing Namada

Once all the required dependencies have been installed, you can run the following to clone the source code from the Namada repository (opens in a new tab) and build it.

When joining mainnet or a public testnet, please first refer to the network's supporting documentation (or ask in the Discord server) to find which version of the software you will need.

git clone
cd namada
git checkout <required Namada version>
make install

Adding binaries to $PATH

The binaries should be added to $PATH from the make install command. However, if this for some reason did not work, a solution may be to copy the binaries from namada/target/release to /usr/local/bin/ for example:

cp namada/target/release/namada* /usr/local/bin/

You can verify the binaries are correctly added to $PATH by running the command which namada.

Using the binaries

See the page on using namada binaries for more information.


Please see the troubleshooting page for building from source for more information.