Install from source


Please note that, although installing from source is the recommended route for installing namada, it can prove to be difficult, and is not recommended for beginners. For a first time installation, the installation process can take up to an hour. Building binaries from source can also take a long time, depending on your machine.


Make sure you have the correct pre-requisites downloaded and installed.

Installing Namada

Now that you have all the required dependencies installed, you can clone the source code from the Namada repository (opens in a new tab) and build it with:

git clone
cd namada 
make install

During internal and private testnets, checkout the latest testnet branch using git checkout $NAMADA_TESTNET_BRANCH. Where $NAMADA_TESTNET_BRANCH is the name of the testnet branch, which will be specified in the testnet documentation.

Adding binaries to $PATH

The binaries should be added to $PATH from the make install command. However, if this for some reason did not work, a solution may be to copy the binaries from namada/target/release to $HOME/.local/bin/ for example:

cp namada/target/release/namada* $HOME/.local/bin/

Using the binaries

See the page on using namada binaries for more information.


Please see the troubleshooting page for building from source for more information.