Quick start


Getting started with Namada is as simple as:

Install Namada

Install the Namada binaries (namada, namadan, namadaw, namadac) and place them in your $PATH.

You can build from source or download prebuilt binaries from the Releases page of the Namada Github repo. Docker images are also available.

Install CometBFT

Namada requires CometBFT v0.37.2 for consensus. Install CometBFT and place it in your $PATH.

Join a Network

See the networks page for details on how to join a network. Joining a network is a one-step process to download the proper genesis files, wasm code and checksums, and initialize your node's storage and configuration. You can join a testnet, localnet, or (soon) mainnet.

You will need to know the chain-id of the network you wish to join. You can then join as a full (non-validator) node by running:

namadac utils join-network --chain-id $CHAIN_ID --add-persistent-peers

The newly initialized chain data will be found in your base directory.

(See the list of all utilities commands.)

Run a ledger node

You can start your node with:

namadan ledger run

Your node will begin syncing with the chain. For a more verbose output, one can run:

NAMADA_LOG=info CMT_LOG_LEVEL=p2p:none,pex:error NAMADA_CMT_STDOUT=true namadan ledger run

To keep your node running in the background after closing your terminal, you will likely want to use either tmux or a systemd service file. See the section on Running a full node for more detail on this, as well as configuration options and environment variables.

Instead of syncing your own node, you can use a public rpc for most functionality.

Wait for your Node to Finish Syncing

This can take several hours depending on the chain height and your system specs.

Create an Account

Create a new implicit account in order to receive tokens:

namadaw gen --alias $YOUR_ALIAS

This will generate a new account and store it in the default keychain. You can view the account address with:

namadaw list --addr
# Sample output:
Known transparent addresses:
  "<your-alias>": Implicit: tnam1qzegva94xdnvtahqqetys9zzua6sdlm8sve05r9u

Get Some Tokens from the Faucet (Testnet Only)

Check here for a list of testnet faucets. (If your testnet is not listed, ask in the Discord server for more info.)

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