Namada Testnets

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Announcing Namada Public Testnets (opens in a new tab)

Latest Testnet

  • Namada public testnet 13:
    • From date: 12th of September 2023 17:00 UTC
    • Namada protocol version: v0.22.0
    • Cometbft version: 0.37.2
    • CHAIN_ID: public-testnet-13.facd514666d5

The history of all testnets can be found here.

Namada protocol versions

A testnet might deploy different versions of the Namada protocol. To see in-detail what each protocol version includes, refer to the GitHub changelog (opens in a new tab), which specifies what changes have been made in between versions.

Report a bug

If you find a bug, please submit an issue with the bug issue template (opens in a new tab).

How to join a Namada testnet

  1. Environment setup
  2. Pre-genesis instructions
  3. Pre-genesis validator setup
  4. Pre-genesis validator apply
  5. Running your genesis validator
  6. Running a full node
  7. Becoming a validator post-genesis

Testnet flowchart


The Namada public testnet is permissionless, anyone can join without the authorisation of a centralised party. Expect frequent upgrades (every two weeks).

Block explorer

The block explorer is currently in development. The latest version can be found at namada.world (opens in a new tab)


For questions or feedback, please use GitHub (opens in a new tab) or Discord (opens in a new tab). Don't forget to follow Namada (opens in a new tab) on Twitter for fun memes and testnet relevant updates.