Unshielding Assets

You can unshield assets in the MASP by making a transfer from a shielded address to a transparent address. This is known as an unshielding transfer.

Assets can also be sent directly from a shielded address through IBC -- see the section on Shielded IBC for details.

Making an unshielding transfer

Before making an unshielding transfer, it is recommended to first sync the local shielded context:

namadac shielded-sync --spending-keys $SPENDING_KEY

To make an unshielding transfer, you must possess the relevant spending key. See the glossary for an explanation on the types of keys and addresses used with the MASP.

Use the unshield command to make an unshielding transfer to a target transparent (tnam) address by providing the spending key associated with a source shielded (znam) address:

namadac unshield \
  --source $SPENDING_KEY \
  --token $TOKEN \
  --amount $AMOUNT \
  --gas-payer $IMPLICIT_ACCOUNT

Note: you must provide an implicit account which you control containing funds for transcation fees. This does not have to be the same as the target.