Shielded IBC

You can send assets to another IBC compliant chain, such as a Cosmos SDK chain or another Namada chain, using the ibc-transfer command in namadac.

This section covers sending assets to and from a shielded ( znam ) address.


  • An active IBC connection has been created and maintained between the two chains by operators running relayer software such as Hermes (opens in a new tab).
  • You will need to know the corresponding channel id

IBC transfer to a shielded address


Previous versions of Namada required a two-step process to make IBC transfers to a shielded address: first a MASP proof was generated using the ibc-gen-shielded command, and this proof was included in the memo field of the transfer.

It is no longer necessary to manually generate the MASP proof, and the ibc-gen-shielded command has been removed.

IBC transfers to a shielded address work similarly to those for a tranparent address, the only difference being that we provide for $RECV_ADDRESS a shielded (znam) address instead of a transparent (tnam) one:

namadac ibc-transfer \
  --source $SOURCE_ADDRESS \
  --token $TOKEN \
  --amount $AMOUNT \
  --channel-id $CHANNEL_ID

Or, when sending from a Cosmos Sdk chain:

gaiad tx ibc-transfer transfer \
  --from $COSMOS_ALIAS \
  --fees 5000uatom

IBC transfer from a shielded address

You can also send IBC transfers from a shielded address, by providing the associated spending key as the source:

namadac ibc-transfer \
  --source $SOURCE_SPEND_KEY \
  --receiver $RECV_ADDRESS \
  --token $TOKEN \
  --amount $AMOUNT \
  --channel-id $CHANNEL_ID \
  --gas-payer $IMPLICIT_ADDRESS

When sending any transaction from a shielded address, you must also provide an implicit address which you control with enough funds to cover gas costs.