Querying the Chain

Querying Overview

Querying a Namada chain is done using the client namadac.

This section details several common queries; see all available commands with namadac --help.


namadac query-account --owner $OWNER_ADDRESS

Returns the Threshold and Public key(s) of an established account.


namadac query-pgf

Returns the list of PGF Stewards, their reward distribution, and active PGF streaming payments.


namadac query-proposal --proposal-id $ID

Returns info on a given proposal, including its type, author, content, StartEpoch, EndEpoch, GraceEpoch, and Status.


namadac query-proposal-result --proposal-id $ID

Returns the outcome of a given proposal, including whether it's Passed/Rejected, the total number of votes for yay/nay/abstain, and the threshold (fraction) of the total voting power needed to tally.


namadac query-proposal-votes --proposal-id $ID

Returns the results of all wallets that have voted yay or nay on the proposal

namadac query-proposal-votes --proposal-id $ID --voter $VOTER_ADDRESS

Returns the result of a specific wallet that has voted on a specific proposal