Off-chain proposals

If for any reason issuing an on-chain proposal is not adequate to your needs, you still have the option to create an off-chain proposal. An off-chain proposal is intended for proposals that do not require any on-chain code execution. The proposal would be distributed on some third-party channel (e.g., a forum) and the voting would be done off-chain. The result of the voting would be computed off-chain and then submitted to the ledger.

Create proposal

Create the same json file as in the on-chain proposal and use the following command:

namada client init-proposal \
    --data-path proposal.json \

This command will create a proposal file same directory where the command was launched.

Vote on proposal

To vote on an offline proposal use the following command:

namada client vote-proposal --data-path proposal \
    --vote yay \
    --signing-keys your-signing-keys-for-voter \
    --voter your-established-account \

Tally off-chain proposal

To compute the tally for an offline proposal we need to collect

  • proposal file (must have this name)
  • all the proposal-vote-${address} files

All those files will have to be in a folder (lets call it offline-proposal).

Now you can use the following command:

namada client query-proposal-result \
    --offline \
    --data-path `offline-proposal`

which will tell you the proposal result.

Submit off-chain proposal

The community may decide to post data of their off-chain voting to another censorship resistant blockchain to preserve the decision reached by social consensus.