2) Generate pre-genesis validator setup

  • Create a pre-genesis file inside the namada repository.

    cd namada
    namada client utils init-genesis-validator --alias $ALIAS --max-commission-rate-change 0.01 --commission-rate 0.05 --net-address $PUBLIC_IP:26656
    • Expect the message Pre-genesis TOML written to .namada/pre-genesis/[your-alias]/validator.toml
  • This will generate a folder inside namada/.namada.
    • cat namada/.namada/pre-genesis/$ALIAS/validator.toml

2.1) Submitting the config

If you want to be a genesis validator for the testnet, please make a pull request to https://github.com/anoma/namada-testnets adding your validator.toml file to the relevant directory (e.g. namada-public-testnet-2 for the second public testnet), renaming it to $alias.toml. e.g. if you chose your alias to be "bertha", submit the file with the name bertha.toml. You can see what an example PR looks like here.

2.2) Wait for the CHAIN_ID

Wait until corresponding CHAIN_ID has been distributed.