Becoming a validator after genesis

Become a validator post genesis

After genesis, you can still join the network as a user and become a validator through self-bonding.

After joining the network as a full node, you must create a validator account.

After this has been completed, you will need to increase your validator's bonded-stake, which can be done by self-bonding tokens sourced from the faucet.


In order to gain more NAM, the following command can be run:

namadac transfer \
    --token NAM \
    --amount 1000 \
    --source faucet \
    --target $VALIDATOR_ALIAS \
    --signing-keys $VALIDATOR_ALIAS

Note: A maximum amount of 1000 NAM can be sourced from the faucet per transaction, so to get more, run this multiple times.


Follow this guide on how to self-bond a validator's tokens.

Check bonded-stake

In order to vote on blocks, a validator must have enough bonded-stake to be included in the validators "consensus-set". A validator is in the consensus set if and only if it has enough bonded-stake to be in the top 128 validators by bonded-stake.

To query the bonded-stake for all the validators in the current epoch, run the following command:

namada client bonded-stake