Applying as a genesis validator

Applying to be a genesis validator

Before a testnet launches, you can apply to be a genesis validator.

Set up

Follow this guide on how to generate your "pre-genesis" validator files.

After this, you'll have a validator.toml file, the contents of which will look something like the following:

consensus_public_key = "00056fff5232da385d88428ca2bb2012a4d83cdf5c697864dde34b393333a72268"
eth_cold_key = "0103d985a8345ef505cf139c3dfbd5f5a1da73d2864c62ce9d0a98da73898a59f6f9"
eth_hot_key = "010241bb691e44dd3c4263522474e45751e97307e92326250f96c1bcd0a06880875d"
account_public_key = "00f1bd321be2e23b9503653dd50fcd5177ca43a0ade6da60108eaecde0d68abdc8"
protocol_public_key = "0054c213d2f8fe2dd3fc5a41a52fd2839cb49643d960d7f75e993202692c5d8783"
dkg_public_key = "6000000054eafa7320ddebf00c9487e5f7ea5107a8444f042b74caf9ed5679163f854577bf4d0992a8fd301ec4f3438c9934c617a2c71649178e536f7e2a8cdc1f8331139b7fd9b4d36861f0a9915d83f61d7f969219f0eba95bb6fa45595425923d4c0e"
commission_rate = "0.01"
max_commission_rate_change = "0.05"
net_address = ""
tendermint_node_key = "00e1a8fe1abceb700063ab4558baec680b64247e2fd9891962af552b9e49318d8d"

This file contains only public information and is safe to share publicly.


The field tendermint_node_key is named this for legacy reasons. It is actually the CometBFT consensus public key.

Submitting the config

If you want to be a genesis validator for the testnet, please make a pull request to (opens in a new tab) adding your validator.toml file to the relevant directory (e.g. namada-public-testnet-2 for the second public testnet), renaming it to $alias.toml. E.g. if you chose your alias to be "bertha", submit the file with the name bertha.toml. You can see what an example PR looks like here (opens in a new tab).

Wait for the CHAIN_ID

Wait until the corresponding CHAIN_ID has been distributed.