Installing Tendermint

Start by exporting the variable

export TM_HASH=v0.1.4-abciplus

Install the heliaxdev/tendermint fork

git clone && cd tendermint && git checkout $TM_HASH
make build

The above requires that golang is correctly installed with the correct $PATH setup

  • In linux, this can be resolved by
  • sudo snap install go --channel=1.18/stable --classic
  • Copy both the namada and tendermint binaries to somewhere on $PATH (or uselol the relative paths)
  • This step may or may not be necessary
  • namada binaries can be found in /target/release
  • tendermint is in build/tendermint


In a linux based terminal, one can use the following command in order to copy the tendermint binaries to $PATH

sudo cp ./build/tendermint $HOME/go/bin/