Install from source


If you'd like to install Namada from source you will have to install some dependencies first: Rust, Git, Clang, OpenSSL and LLVM.

First, install Rust by following the instructions from the official page.

At the end of the installation, make sure that Cargo's bin directory ($HOME/.cargo/bin) is available on your PATH environment variable. You can either restart your shell or run source $HOME/.cargo/env to continue.

If you already have Rust installed, make sure you're using the latest version by running:

rustup update

Then, install the remaining dependencies.

Ubuntu: running the following command should install everything needed:

sudo apt-get install -y make git-core libssl-dev pkg-config libclang-12-dev build-essential protobuf-compiler

Mac: installing the Xcode command line tools should provide you with almost everything you need:

xcode-select --install

protoc is also required. On Mac, you can install it with Homebrew:

brew install protobuf

When running

protoc --version

It should output at least:

libprotoc 3.12.0

Please refer to protoc-installation doc for other installation options.

Installing Namada

Now that you have all the required dependencies installed, you can clone the source code from the Namada repository and build it with:

git clone
cd namada 
make install


During internal and private testnets, checkout the latest testnet branch using git checkout $NAMADA_TESTNET_BRANCH.