Overview of Binaries

This guide assumes that the Namada binaries are installed and available on path. These are:

  • namada: The main binary that can be used to interact with all the components of Namada
  • namadan: The ledger node
  • namadac: The client
  • namadaw: The wallet

The main binary namada has sub-commands for all of the other binaries:

  • namada client == namadac
  • namada node == namadan
  • namada wallet == namadaw

To explore the command-line interface, add --help argument at any sub-command level to find out any possible sub-commands and/or arguments.

Adding binaries to path

The binaries should be added to $PATH from the make install command. However, if this for some reason did not work, a solution may be to copy the binaries from namada/target/release to home/$USER/.local/bin/ for example:

sudo cp namada/target/release/namada* /home/alice/.local/bin/