About Namada

  • Namada is the first fractal instance of Anoma
  • Namada is instantiated as a product for asset-agnostic, interchain privacy
  • Namada is built by a public good laboratory called Heliax

Key innovations:

  • Zcash-like transfers for any assets (fungible and non-fungible)
  • Rewarded usage of privacy as a public good
  • Interoperability with Ethereum via a custom bridge with trust-minimization
  • Vertically integrated user interfaces

Overview of features

  • Proof-of-Stake with governance to secure and evolve Namada
  • Fast-finality BFT with 4-second blocks
  • Near-zero fees
  • Trust-minimized 2-way Ethereum bridge
  • IBC connections to chains that already speak IBC (all Cosmos chains)
  • Multi-Asset Shielded Pool (MASP)
  • Convert Circuit (shielded set rewards)
  • A reference interface
  • Ledger application

For high-level introductions, we recommend:

To learn more about the protocol, we recommend the following in-depth resources: